Liquid chillers with srew compressors

Liquid chillers from Friotherm Deutschland GmbH are available with semi hermetic- or open type screw compressors from Bitzer and equipped with mechanical capacity control. The built-in oil-separating system facilitates simple system construction and fast installation. Also available are liquid chillers  with speed-regulated, semi-hermetic compact screw compressors for use in industrial liquid chillers. The refrigerant-cooled frequency inverter allows to achieve maximum efficiency, particularly in part-load, with excellent seasonal coefficient of performance (SEER) figures.

  • Power plant applications
  • Industrial production and storage
  • Air conditioning installations

Main characteristics of liquid chillers with srew compressors

  • Water cooled or air cooled
  • Capacity control in multi stages, stepless or stepless by frequency control
  • Industrial type PLC, z.B.Siemens S7
  • Tailor made solutions to clients specifications
  • Ideal for industrial applications
  • Suitable for various refrigerants

Main characteristics of screw compressors

  • Bitzer semi hermetic type screw compressor
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • High efficiency
Liquid chiller with 3 screw compressors, for nuclear application

Liquid chiller with 3 screw compressors