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As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) with over 80 years of experience in developing, engineering, manufacturing and servicing of refrigeration plants, Friotherm Deutschland GmbH is committed to reliability and quality.

Complete chillers and the entire control system are engineered and manufactured in our own works in Weißensberg, Germany. Our high flexibility allows to include heat exchangers, pressure vessels and skids fabricated in the country of destination; this in case our clients consider locally manufactured content as an asset.

Our customers

Customers of Friotherm Deutschland GmbH are companies in the field of energy production and industrial applications, namely nuclear power plants, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as industries in the production and food sector.

All our clients have one common goal: they rely on chilled water just in time – without worries.

Friotherm Deutschland GmbH, Weißensberg, DE

Friotherm Deutschland GmbH, Weißensberg, DE

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